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Answer your questions You can contact us by email.

Test drive Send us your email address and agency's name, and we'll set you up with full (administrator) access to our demo site. Not only can you do whatever you want on the site to see what it does, as an administrator, you can also give others in your office access to the site, too. We'll even give you a guided tour by phone if you set up a conference call.

References There are agencies in five states who use SecureCases to help them provide services more efficiently -- one since 2009. We are confident their top executives would answer any questions about their SecureCases program -- and be honest with you. We are not paying them to promote our product or offering any incentives. They are in this business to help people, including fellow SV providers. We would be happy to provide their names.

See for yourself  Test drive

Our demo site is currently unavailable This is an exact copy of the working model. Everything works like in real life, like what's being used right now by clients operating their agencies with SecureCases. The demo site is also used by our clients for training staff. All you need to access it is a password. (Like the working program, our demo is behind a security wall.)