Program highlights

  • Provides separate password-protected access for all groups of users: office staff, clients, case workers, judges, attorneys, state officials, etc., all on a need-to-know basis controlled by you. Also, all data received and sent from their Internet-connected devices are encrypted for additional protection.
  • Keeps track and display every appointment requested, declined, confirmed, withdrawn or canceled -- and sends auto-email notices when any of those actions are taken.
  • Provides your clients with a live, up-to-the-minute calendar where they can see what time slots are available on your schedule for visitations and exchanges -- and make their own appointment requests without assistance by staff.
  • Manages all case notes, staff reports and internal messages sent and received by staff and clients. Even lets you know if your client has seen your message -- and, if so, exactly when.
  • Records all fees (some automatically) and payments, and provide this information -- and the balance -- to participants in real time. Also, you can provide clients with a Paypal option, integrated with the program's database, so they can pay their fees from anywhere. (This is a premium option available during installation).
  • Stores digitized documents, including court orders and personal records.
  • Allows you to attach photos of your clients to their records so your staff can more easily identify them when they arrive.
  • Provides your staff with internal alerts when a client's authorization for informational release expires and when it is updated.
  • Helps you manage client orienations with real-time checklist of forms that should be completed and other information about the client.
  • Allows you to create and manage cases involving more than two participants.

The program's main menu:

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Public access

Link from your website SecureCases also offers an open portal for the general public to inquire about services. This page should be linked from your own website and also made available to judges and family court lawyers.