Personal calendar

For staff: When a staff member logs into the Office portal, they'll now see a personalized, color-coded, real-time calendar, showing the appointments they've been assigned, their daily schedule and any planned meetings and events. This "Welcome" page also includes internal messages and alerts.

Complex cases

More flexible: You can create cases that have more than one custodial participant. Also more than one noncustodial participant. VIEW

Appointment assignments

Easier: After an appointment has been confirmed, it's now a snap to the Appointments calendar to assign -- and reassign -- staff members to the appointment. And after the assignment, it will show on the staffer's personal calendar on the Office portal's "Welcome" page.

Better fit

Customization: No two agencies operate alike. SecureCases now offers more options for customizing program to fit your needs.

PayPal payments

If you have a PayPal business account, we can intregate the SecureCases payment system with PayPal so your clients can make easily make payments from anywhere using PayPal. They would get immediate confirmation of their payment, and SecureCases would automatically make the needed adjustments in their accounts in real time. No paperwork for the office! This optional feature would added during setup for a one-time fee of $500.