The Bottom Line

Initial Cost
The setup fee is $4,180. This covers personalization (using your agency's logo, set of colors, served counties, service fees, wording of client forms, personalized URL, etc.) and minor changes of the program. Also one full day of on-site training for staff when your program is ready for use. (The agency is responsible for travel expenses for the trainer.) The setup cost can increase if additional changes are requested.

User Fee
Based on usage, the monthly cost is $220 for most agencies -- those averaging no more than 200 visitations and exchanges a month over a period of a year. In addition to the user's license, this fee also covers 24/7 monitoring of the service, continuous security updates, backups every two hours of your data, periodic program enhancements and staff assistance as needed, either by email or over the phone. A discount is offered for annual payments. The user fee begins four months after work begins on the setup. Normally, the program is ready for use in six weeks.

Special Situations
We can configure your payments to accommodate budget considerations or requirements of your funders/donors/grants.

SVN members

Discount We offer a $300 discount to Supervised Visitation Network members in the setup cost. If you're not a member, you should check out its website and see how SVN can help you. You will benefit from being a member, even if you don't purchase SecureCases.